I am a foodie, if I need to be labeled (please do not read this as an over-eater). I have a passion for cooking, eating and researching about food history. I grew up in my mother’s kitchen, she does not have any specific knowledge of nutrition but she knew how to raise three children with natural food grown by my father and I believe our reaction to food and resulting health were her only guidance or teacher.

I did not have a nutritional background myself until a health issue eventually led me to a health food store. Heaven! I had discovered Heaven! After 30 years trying to find my passion, my mission, I finally found it in Health Food, Cooking, and Wellbeing Lifestyles. This was my passion and I wanted to know more and more… I read every single article about food, health lifestyle and food history I could get my hands on. I then studied to become a Holistic Health Coach and Food Adviser. I had discovered myself!

After 2 years working in the Retail Health Food Sector, I met many food experts, health experts, coaches, nutritionists, doctors and I learned a lot from them but I also met quite a few customers who go to a Health Food Store looking for the latest diet they read about on the Internet or looking for the latest super food or food supplement featured in the media! They seemed to always be looking for a quick solution, perhaps a miracle… When I see this, my concern is always when did we get lost? When did we start to suffer from food diseases and a health food obsession? I tend toward being a hypochondriac which is why I needed to find my own, healthy food-sense…

On the day I made the decision to bring my own ‘sense’ (or sensibility) to my food, I discovered something that really works! Food with sense is much better than without sense… what does food with sense mean for me? Cooking following your gut, listening your body, linking your body with your local, natural source of food, eating and cooking without prohibitions, spending time in the kitchen, enjoying a nice dinner with friends, being mindful every time I eat, and remembering that you are what you eat but also you eat from where you are!

Some of us think that to eat organic food, GMO free food and local food is enough (especially if we are ‘label-eaters’), but I believe that is not the solution! You can eat the healthiest food in the world while you are watching horrible news, reading your emails or eating too fast because you have a meeting in 5 minutes time but then, very likely, your body will not benefit from that health food as much as if you were eating with a mindful mood, giving sufficient time to eat and enjoying with whom you are eating.

That for me is my food-sense!